Mellott & Mellott offers auditing services for large and small non-public, for profit and not-for-profit organizations. We also have a strong presence in the area of retirement plan audits. Auditing services are specifically tailored to your company's needs, and include review and testing of your internal control systems, as well as communication with management detailing both our audit findings and recommendations for improved system efficiency.

Special Procedure Audits

  • Analyze and report on a specific segment of the business, or specific procedures within the organization
  • Provide Board of Directors with a certain comfort level in specific areas when a full-fledged audit may not be required


  • Less expensive alternative to an audit
  • When a full audit is not required or desired
  • Excellent source of information for management purposes and benchmarking
  • Guidance and consultation provided


  • Least expensive alternative to an audit or review
  • Quality financial statements for financial and strategic planning
  • Guidance and consultation provided


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